🏷️ Exclusive 25% off in March | FREE SHIPPING OVER 80 EUR
🏷️ Exclusive 25% off in March | FREE SHIPPING OVER 80 EUR

About Us


Our story began back in 2016 when after travelling around the Amazonian jungle, Argentina, Bolivia and south Perú, we lived amazing experiences with nature and native people. It was then when I realized that I needed to mixed beautiful and wild in the design of daily life objects together with human´s needs in cities. The phrase that came to my mind was “introduce the nature into the city, let´s remind the crazy city that we all come from nature”.

Since then, we like travelling through new places in search of ways to make our little creatures. These represent the essence of our primitive universe which is part of us all.

It was on tribute to nature that we decided to attempt to design “Minimal” our first collection of leather creatures in order to be with you like keyholders, card holders or minimal wallets.



We strongly believe in the value of unique handmade products that have a story behind them. That´s why each design has been conceived and designed exclusively for each item, giving to each piece a distinctive personality. Furthermore, all our products are hand-made with passion, one by one from design to the last stitch, which make each “Minimal” a unique piece.

We choose leather to make these creatures, because of their resistance, durability and the way it has to beautifully mature without ruining. The natural patina process will cause a glossy external layer to be created making the product look even more exceptional than before.

SerPrimitivo is a committed supporter of high quality product, 100% local and hand-made with patience, passion, love and care.

All of the products are exclusive and there are not two identical “Minimals”.